About Karin

20180613_165812_0001-300x300Karin Peak, MSP, CTSS

I am a mother of many children. I am an adoptive mom who understands the struggles of attaching with our biological, foster and adoptive children, helping them heal their trauma, and blending a family that thrives together. I have a master’s degree  in psychology with a life coaching emphasis from Grand Canyon University and a certification as a Trauma Support Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute. I love working with parents and offering them encouragement and support in their journey. Parents feel the burden of raising children heavily and often feel like they are going to mess up their children’s lives forever. I coach parents to help build confidence in their parenting techniques and build stronger bonds with their children. My techniques are also effective in relationship coaching for adults who would like to be involved in stronger, satisfying relationships.


My beautiful children!