Let’s Meet!

Tired of feeling like you are failing at parenting?


You know you love your children and everything you do is motivated by love and your desire to protect them, but somehow it feels you are not getting that message across and your house feels like “us versus them” and so much of your communication feels like a fight. I would love to help you gain confidence in your parenting skills and be more connected with your child, so when you do have to set boundaries and be firm, the child feels like you are on their side and they still feel your love. Parenting win!

Schedule a free mini session with me to start feeling more connected with your child. I offer a no judgement zone for you to tell your story and help you get connected with your child so that everyone in your family knows that your home is a place of safety and love.

Use the form below or call 623-227-4090 to schedule a mini session with me. I am located in north Phoenix, and I like to meet parents in comfortable settings at their convenience such as coffee shops, libraries and parks or my office. If you do not live nearby, I would be happy to talk with you on the phone or online. If you prefer to email me directly, my email is karin@northvalleytherapy.org.

I have a parent support group for adoptive and foster parents that meets once a month in North Phoenix. Ask me for the details.


Coming soon: workshops and parenting classes.